native new yorker with dominican roots. writer of all things love, life, family, sex, friends and everything in between. a not so secret obsession with stringing along words to form perfect sentences - reflecting what the mouth can't say. 

To Infinity.

You take me back to that time
when going to the bodega with a dollar was living good
when the block would shut down in the summertime
and water pressure from the hydrant would sing me to sleep

Kinda like the first time you sneak out of the house on a summer night
and hop in your friends whip just to ride around bumpin to a burned cd
Better yet,
kinda like those times you’d listen to the radio all day
waiting and waiting for a song to play
just to record that one song on a cassette

You know,
that I’m gunna wait by the one spiral cord phone in the house for your call,
stay up all night saying nothing but
“no, you hang up first”
That first crush
First kiss

If you know me, you know my concern with not living enough as a should
I want to live and I want to live forever.
You make feel forever…
right now.

What’s that called again?