native new yorker with dominican roots. writer of all things love, life, family, sex, friends and everything in between. a not so secret obsession with stringing along words to form perfect sentences - reflecting what the mouth can't say. 

I Never Knew You.

I say your name
and out comes

Composing songs of love
Stringing together your laughs
Your smiles
Your voice and your eyes
I’m composing our song
So we’ll dance into the night
Spend a lifetime
Feeling the beat of our love in our bones

Building us a home
From the ground up
Only constituted of
Every single
We’ve ever had

And if I’ve spent my life searching for this?
You walked right up, knocking at my door
And I opened
Not knowing that heaven had come to me

In between it all, it dawned on me that
I might’ve known love but I never knew you.


Pay Me.