native new yorker with dominican roots. writer of all things love, life, family, sex, friends and everything in between. a not so secret obsession with stringing along words to form perfect sentences - reflecting what the mouth can't say. 

Expired Exhibits.

The type to put your hands around my neck so tight
I could feel your pulse
In my mouth

Pulled me in so deep
I’d lose sight of the stitches
around my heart
ripping apart

The type to fill my days with roses,
Help me dig my emotions
out of their grave
to push me back in

I inhaled your presence
while you exhaled mine
And I stood there naked
with bleeding hands
because they tried to heal you
cuts on my lips
because I tried to kiss you
and a bruised soul
because I tried to love you

The art of manipulation is an exhibition
By you
Featuring me


Surviving Heartbreak.

History Lessons.