Sometimes I wake up and I just think life is going pretty well. I’m drinking my water, I’m minding my business, my skin is clear - #hallelujah. Other days, not so much - but hey, totally normal. I am a native New Yorker, I love everything the city has to offer but there’s just one thing that really never sits well with me on a personal level

I’d like to see you in my passenger seat, stripped of insecurities, responsibilities, and adversities; receptive to the world in a way where they don’t reflect the concrete or the passing trains. 

She saw her reflection in the words spilled on the page
She looked in the mirror and saw a reflection she’d never seen before
Covered in a garden of
sunflowers and roses
babies breath and tulips

You take me back to that time
when going to the bodega with a dollar was living good
when the block would shut down in the summertime
and water pressure from the hydrant would sing me to sleep